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Title: Aspectes legals i d'explotació, febrer 2007
Authors: Bain, Malcolm
Gallego Rodríguez, Manuel
Martínez Ribas, Manuel
Rius Sanjuán, Judit
Director: Megías Jiménez, David
Mas i Hernàndez, Jordi
Keywords: free software
Software License
Issue Date: 16-Feb-2007
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Type: Lecture notes
Abstract: The creation of free software, its modification and diffusion, the re-engineering of proprietary applications, their interoperability, software patentability, etc. are current and constantly present subjects in any activity that revolves around the central subject of this course on legal and exploitation aspects of free software, and that raise important legal questions. We do not believe it is necessary, in these circumstances, to state more arguments. We simply want to show once again that the legal aspects of free software are numerous and of great significance, since they condition all aspects of a process of creation, distribution and use of free software. In conclusion, for any person interested in creating, developing, distributing or using free software it will be essential to have sound knowledge of the corresponding legal aspects, and this is exactly the aim of this course.
Language: Catalan
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Aspectes legals i d'explotació del programari lliure (Part I).pdfPart I1.23 MBAdobe PDFPreview  Download
Aspectes legals i d'explotació del programari lliure (Part II).pdfPart II1.27 MBAdobe PDFPreview  Download

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