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Title: Nodo "Arte, cultura y ciencias de la complejidad"
Author: Alsina González, Pau David  
Perelló Palou, Josep
Keywords: art
Issue Date: 15-Feb-2010
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Citation: Alsina, Pau; Perelló, Josep (2009). "Nodo "Arte, cultura y ciencias de la complejidad"". Artnodes, 2009, Vol. 0, núm 9
Abstract: Never before have we had so much information at our disposal. The challenge, however, is what to do with it, how to transform it into knowledge. The information and communication technologies enable us to compile, store, monitor, quantify, process and display huge amounts of data of all kinds, anywhere and at any time. How can we take advantage of this potential, avoid the saturation implied by dispersed information and produce meaningful and productive knowledge? The theory of complex systems seeks explanations for this phenomenology on the basis of the most rigorous sciences and through models that assume nonlinear properties of self-organization, emergence, feedback, heterogeneity and uncertainty.
Description: Peer reviewed
Language: Spanish
ISSN: 1695-5951
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