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Title: CTCPS-MAC - Batería Para el Estudio de las Condiciones de Trabajo de Carácter Psicosocial
Author: Carrión García, Maria de los Ángeles
Keywords: psycho social factor
work context
psychological exhaustion
healthy company
psychosocial evaluation
psycho social risk
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2011
Published in: Conferencia:Herramientas para la evaluación psicosocial:Septiembre 2011. Lima, Perú
Abstract: The study of the psychosocial employment conditions CTCPS-MAC has 75 items which cluster four dimensions, which can be evaluated separately and 14 factors. It aims to evaluate the working population's perception of the psychosocial working conditions in its own working environment, and the individual factors and subjective symptoms and health alterations.
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