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Title: Redacció periodística, setembre 2008
Authors: Pastor Pérez, Lluís
Keywords: journalism
Issue Date: 16-Sep-2008
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Type: Lecture notes
Abstract: The 'Journalistic Writing' course is designed to provide the best service to students who have to produce texts in the field of communication that are not specifically journalistic texts. We could also call it 'Journalistic Writing for Non-Journalists' in the sense that it is intended that the texts generated by the students enrolled be as attractive as the texts written by journalists for television and radio programs and for other written media. The course is also in debt to the contributions of rhetoric and the importance the sophists placed on implementing the best possible communication to attract the public and attain the objectives they had set out. Communicators, direct heirs of those sophists, take the baton passed on to them and apply it to new mediums and to new communication situations. This course intends to make the student more aware of the need to write attractive texts, regardless of their subject matter or the public to which they are addressed. In order to be able to analyze already written texts, journalistic texts are mainly used, which will also allow speaking about journalistic genres and uses. Nevertheless, use of this type of text does not mean that the reality analyzed by the course is limited to journalism.
Language: Catalan
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Redacció periodística_Mòdul5_La frase.pdfMòdul 5139.97 kBAdobe PDFPreview  Download
Redacció periodística_Mòdul6_La paraula.pdfMòdul 6110.87 kBAdobe PDFPreview  Download
Redacció periodística_Portada.pdfPortada110.5 kBAdobe PDFPreview  Download
Redacció periodística_Mòdul1_Sigui sexy.pdfMòdul 1201.22 kBAdobe PDFPreview  Download
Redacció periodística_Mòdul2_La idea.pdfMòdul 2161.1 kBAdobe PDFPreview  Download
Redacció periodística_Mòdul3_L'estructura.pdfMòdul 3154.41 kBAdobe PDFPreview  Download

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