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Title: Art contemporani xinès en el segle XXI : introducció a la pugna entre la creació i el mercat a través de cinc artistes destacats i les seves cotitzacions en les subhastes
Authors: Gil Meseguer, Enric
Director: Ruiz Rodríguez, Juan José
Other: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Keywords: contemporary art
People's Republic of China
Song Dong
Wang Qingsong
Yue Minjun
Ai Weiwei
Zeng Fanzhi
Song, Dong
Yue, Minjun
Ai, Weiwei
Zeng, Fanzhi
Zeng, Fanzhi
Issue Date: Jun-2010
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Type: Bachelor Thesis
Abstract: In the relatively short period of time of the last three decades, Chinese contemporary art has gone from being almost invisible and unknown to the general public to be present in a large number of scenarios at the international level related to the art world especially since the late nineties. This research paper has tried to approach issues of image and the ideas on the People's Republic of China that have been transmitted in the last decade through the works or the performances of the contemporary Chinese artists more internationally exhibited or valued and that live in China, and how the artistic production of these authors has been fitted in the process of globalization and hybridization of culture that we're living. We have narrowed the field of research, basically to the study of the work of five authors (Song Dong, Ai Weiwei, Zeng Fanzhi, Yue Minjun and Wang Qingsong) and to their presence in the international contemporary art scene through the two auctions world's major houses Christie's and Sotheby's.
Language: Catalan
Appears in Collections:Bachelor thesis, research projects, etc.

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