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Title: ¿Hacia una reconversión de los congresos? Propuestas para su viabilidad
Author: López Borrull, Alexandre
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2012
Citation: López-Borrull, A.(2012). "¿Hacia una reconversión de los congresos? Propuestas para su viabilidad". ANUARIO THINK EPI. ISSN:1886-6344. .6. pág.(123-126).
Abstract: Academic and scientific conferences must cope in the coming years with a restructuring of their delivery formats and contents if they are tosurvive. The evolution towards the social web 2.0 has to be considered at the same time. A range of solutions are offered, including the link with special issues with consolidated academic journals. The main prospect is the creation of a classification of conferences that can increase their value in the context of evaluating the curriculum vitae of scientific researchers.
Language: Spanish
Other Identifiers: 1886-6344
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