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Title: Time patterns and perceptions of online learning success factors
Author: Barberà Gregori, Elena  
Cortes Ordoñez, Armando
Keywords: Learner satisfaction, knowledge acquisition, knowledge transfer, student perception, time management, time pattern
Issue Date: 30-Nov-2013
Publisher: eLC Research Paper Series
Citation: Barberà, E.; Cortes , A.(2013). "Time patterns and perceptions of online learning success factors". eLC Research Paper Series. ISSN:2013-7966. 7 pág.(30-35).
Abstract: Online learning provides the opportunity to work on academic tasks at any time at the same time as doing other activities, such as using in web 2.0 tools. This study identifies factors that contribute to success in online learning from the students¿ perspective and their relationship with time patterns. A survey of learning outputs was used to find relationships between students¿ satisfaction, knowledge acquisition and knowledge transfer with time for working on academic tasks. In this study, 199 students from a university in Mexico completed the survey. Findings suggest that knowledge transfer has a significant association with the number of hours online per day, hours spent on social networks and the use made of e-learning during working hours. Learner satisfaction has a strong relationship with the time in years a learner has been using the Internet and the number of hours devoted to the course per week. The findings of this research will be helpful for faculty and instructional designers for implementing learning strategies.
Language: English
ISSN: 2013-7966MIAR
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