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Recerca en l'àmbit de l'economia i l'empresa, tant dels Estudis de la UOC com dels grups o projectes de recerca de l'IN3.
Investigación en el ámbito de la economía y la empresa, tanto de los estudios de la UOC como de los grupos o proyectos de investigación del IN3.
Research in the field of Economics and business, in the UOC's Faculty research, as well as in the research groups or programmes of the IN3.

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E-learning continuance: the impact of interactivity and the mediating role of imagery, presence and flow

Another look at 'being there' experiences in digital media: exploring connections of telepresence with mental imagery

Entrepreneurial decisions: insights into the use of support services for new business creation

Learning from customer interaction: how merchants create price-level propositions for experience goods in hybrid market environments

Estudio de hábitos y valoración de la oferta turística de Benidorm 2014


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