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Recerca en l'àmbit de l'educació, tant dels Estudis de la UOC com dels grups o projectes de recerca de l'IN3.
Investigación en el ámbito de la educación, tanto de los estudios de la UOC como de los grupos o proyectos de investigación del IN3.
Research in the field of Education, in the UOC's Faculty research, as well as in the research groups or programmes of the IN3.

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Recent Submissions

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Indicators for teachers to design learning tasks for computer-supported collaborative production of knowledge

Learning analytics in practice: setting up a laboratory for action research at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

Predicting International Critical Success Factors in e-learning: A comparison of four universities from China, Mexico, Spain and USA

Analyzing Learner's Participation in a WordPress-based Personal Teaching Environment


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