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Recerca i innovació en l'ús de les TIC en l'ensenyament (e-learning), tant dels Estudis de la UOC com dels grups de treball de l'IN3.

Investigación e innovación en el uso de las TIC en la enseñanza (e-learning), tanto de los estudios de la UOC como de los grupos o proyectos de investigación del IN3.

Research and innovation in the use of ICTs in teaching, in the UOC's Faculty research, as well as in the research groups or programmes of the IN3.

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Recent Submissions

Using learning analytics to support applied research and innovation in higher education

Teacher collaboration network in higher education: reflective visions from praxis

Connecting Inquiry-Based Learning with Collaborative Work in Online Education

Meta-analysis of the research about MOOC during 2013-2014

Articulating personal pedagogies through learning ecologies


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