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Title: Improved Privacy-Preserving P2P Multimedia Distribution Based on Recombined Fingerprints
Author: Megías Jiménez, David  
Keywords: P2P content distribution
Anonymous fingerprinting
Re-distribution tracing
Recombined fingerprints
Issue Date: Mar-2015
Publisher: Dependable and Secure Computing, IEEE Transactions on, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 179-189. March-April 2015. ISSN: 1545-5971.
Abstract: Anonymous fingerprint has been suggested as a convenient solution for the legal distribution of multimedia contents with copyright protection whilst preserving the privacy of buyers, whose identities are only revealed in case of illegal re-distribution. However, most of the existing anonymous fingerprinting protocols are impractical for two main reasons: 1) the use of complex time-consuming protocols and/or homomorphic encryption of the content, and 2) a unicast approach for distribution that does not scale for a large number of buyers. This paper stems from a previous proposal of recombined fingerprints which overcomes some of these drawbacks. However, the recombined fingerprint approach requires a complex graph search for traitor tracing, which needs the participation of other buyers, and honest proxies in its P2P distribution scenario. This paper focuses on removing these disadvantages resulting in an efficient, scalable, privacy-preserving and P2P-based fingerprinting system.
Language: English
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