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Title: Wikipedia y ciencia: un análisis del contenido científico-técnico de la enciclopedia libre
Author: Aibar Puentes, Eduard  
Keywords: Wikipedia
Issue Date: 2-Jul-2015
Abstract: In recent years the Internet has become the most important source of scientific information for the public. And within Internet, Wikipedia is already the leading singular platform public communication of science -a fact of which the scientific community is not too conscious-. From construction -through the analysis of internal links between articles- of a corpus of about 100,000 items, considered scientific and technical content in the Spanish edition of Wikipedia (which has a total of over 1,150,000 items), this paper offers some preliminary results of a study to answer the following question: to what extent open and collaborative character, which deliberately encourages the majority share of non-experts, determines and shapes the content of scientific information Wikipedia? This question is broken down into more specific: do Wikipedia scientific articles, especially on controversial issues, follow the standard scientific consensus or accommodate also marginal or minority visions ?; do controversies within Wikipedia about these topics -visible in the pages of discussion- follow similar patterns to scientific controversies? The work also link these issues with the current discussions on citizen science, scientific expertise and authority from a STS perspective.
Description: Peer-reviewed
Language: Spanish
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