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Title: Efectos de la ingesta voluntaria de líquidos (agua y bebida deportiva) en corredores por montaña amateurs
Author: Nebot Paradells, Vicente
Drehmer, Eraci
Elvira Macagno, Laura
Sales, Sonia
Sanchís, Carlos
Esquius de la Zarza, Laura
Pablos, Ana
Keywords: Hydratation
Mountain races
Water intake
Sport drink
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2015
Publisher: Nutrición Hospitalaria
Citation: Nebot, V., Drehmer, E., Elvira, L., Sales, S., Sanchís, C., Esquius, L., & Pablos, A. (2015). Efectos de la ingesta voluntaria de líquidos (agua y bebida deportiva) en corredores por montaña amateurs. Nutrición hospitalaria, 32(5), 2198-2207. doi:10.3305/nh.2015.32.5.9637
Abstract: 21K and 1000 m ascent trail-running races can be dangerous if an appropriate liquid replacement isn't maintained. Objectives: know trail-runners level of dehydration and assess the differences between ad libitum water (CcA) and sport drink (CcB) hydration after a trail running race. Methods: 18 subjects, mean age 31.9 (±2.8) and %MG 10.53 ±2.8), completed CcA or CcB. CcA and CcB effects on Weight (P), Fat Mass (MG), Glucose (GL), Lactate (LT), Systolic (TAS) and Diastolic Arterial Tension (TAD), Heart Rate (PPM) and Tympanic Temperature (Tª) were assessed. All measurements were taken at the start (T1) and the finish (T2) of each race. A Friedman ANOVA test was used to calculate the effect of CcA and CcB on each variable. Differences between race time (TC), % bodyweight loss (%PP) and liquid ingestion (LI) were assessed with a Wilcoxon test. All statistical analysis were conducted with SPSS version 20.0 (IBM, Somers, NY, USA). Results: mean %PP was 2.967 (±0.969) and 2.883 (±0.730) for CcA and CcB espectively. No significant differences were found between %PP and LI (p>.05) between races. Significant changes were found in P, %MG, GL, L, TAS and PPM between T1 and T2 in CcA condition. While only significant changes in P and PPM were stabilised between T1 and T2 in CcB condition. Conclusions: neither water or sport drink ingestion avoid trail-runners to reach a dehydrated state. However, dehydration effects seems to be more serious when only water is ingested.
ISSN: 0212-1611MIAR
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