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Techonology and Communication : [195]

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Recerca en l'àmbit de la tecnologia i la comunicació, tant dels Estudis de la UOC com dels grups o projectes de recerca de l'IN3.

Investigación en el ámbito de la tecnología y la comunicación, tanto de los estudios de la UOC como de los grupos o proyectos de investigación del IN3.

Research in the field of Technology and Communication, in the UOC's Faculty research, as well as in the research groups or programmes of the IN3.

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Recent Submissions

A Cognitive-Radio-Based Method for Improving Availability in Body Sensor Networks

Service allocation methodologies for contributory computing environments

Improved Privacy-Preserving P2P Multimedia Distribution Based on Recombined Fingerprints

Secure logarithmic audio watermarking scheme based on the human auditory system

LSB Matching Steganalysis Based on Patterns of Pixel Differences and Random Embedding


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