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Title: Audio as medium for content distribution (providing access to knowledge)
Author: Baird, Nico
Esterhuizen, Nick
Beer, Karel J. de
Others: Open Ed (7th : 2010 : Barcelona)
Keywords: audio
content distribution
open content
Issue Date: 15-Sep-2010
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Open University of the Netherlands
Brigham Young University
Citation: Baird, Nico; Esterhuizen, Nick; De Beer, Karel J. (2010). Audio as medium for content distribution (providing access to knowledge). In Open Ed 2010 Proceedings . Barcelona: UOC, OU, BYU. [Accessed: dd/mm/yy]. <>
Abstract: Reaching and educating the masses to the benefit of all of mankind is the ultimate goal and through the use of this technology facility/tool many can be reached in their own language, in their own community, in their own time and at their own pace. Making this content available to those who will benefit from the information, is vital. These people who want to consume the content are not necessarily that interested in the qualification, they need the information. Making the content available in an auditory format may also help those who may not be as literate as others. The uses of audio/ recorded lessons have a number of uses and should not just be seen as a medium for content distribution to distant communities. Recording lectures makes it possible for a lecturer to present lectures to a vast number of students, while just presenting the lecture once.
Language: English
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