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Title: Sistema gestor d'empresa d'excavacions
Author: Jansà Sánchez, Daniel
Director: Juan Rodríguez, José
Keywords: JEE
Issue Date: Jun-2010
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Abstract: The following document contains the technical documentation generated during the development of the business manager of excavation with J2EE technology and all decisions have been taken to carry out on schedule. This is mainly divided into 9 chapters: The first, which defines the main features of project management. In the second includes requirements, analysis and design of the project, accompanied by the respective use case diagrams and sequence. The third section describes the data model used. The fourth consists of the physical model of the system where the architecture defines the technical characteristics of the system and its implementation, and decisions taken during development. The fifth is a compilation of the changes made in the original design. The sixth is devoted to testing tests performed after completion of the development. The seventh, is an installation manual, which describes the necessary specifications and the steps to follow to develop. The eighth is a brief economic assessment of the application in conjunction with a study of opportunity. And the ninth, which describes the findings on the performance of this work limit.
Language: Catalan
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