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Title: Justifying Institutional Investment in OER Development : OERs as Marketing Vehicle
Author: Lynn, Theo
Muzellec, Laurent
Bruton, Neil
Keywords: Marketing
Open Educational Resources
Institutional Investment
Return on Investment
Research Agenda
Product Placement
Hybrid Messages
Issue Date: 15-Sep-2010
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Open University of the Netherlands
Brigham Young University
Citation: Lynn, T.; Muzellec, L.; Bruton, N. (2010). Justifying Institutional Investment in OER Development: OERs as Marketing Vehicle. In Open ED 2010 Proceedings. Barcelona: UOC, OU, BYU. [Accessed: dd/mm/yy]. <>
Abstract: The higher education sector has become increasingly competitive and prospective students are adopting a consumerist approach to institution and programme choice. In response, higher education marketing has become more complex, market-oriented and business-like. Financial sustainability of open education resource (OER) projects is a widespread concern. This paper explores the extent to which a classical product placement framework can be applied to OERs to justify institutional funding in OER projects as a marketing investment. It is argued that OERs designed on this premise can increase cognitive, affective and conative brand outcomes while providing the traditional educational and societal benefits associated with OERs. A series of propositions are presented that may form the basis of a future research agenda.
Language: English
Appears in Collections:Open Ed Conference 2010 (Barcelona, 2-4 November 2010)

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