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Title: Bridging Formal/Informal Learning
Author: Fukuhara, Yoshimi
Yamawaki, Satoshi
Kageyama, Yasutaka
Others: Open Ed (7th : 2010 : Barcelona)
Keywords: OCW
informal learning
formal learning
Issue Date: 15-Sep-2010
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Open University of the Netherlands
Brigham Young University
Citation: Fukuhara, Yoshimi; Yamawaki, Satoshi; Kageyama Yasutaka (2010). Bridging Formal/Informal Learning. In Open Ed 2010 Proceedings. Barcelona: UOC, OU, BYU. [Accessed: dd/mm/yy]. <>
Abstract: Recently many OER activities have been getting popular, and users who access those content for informal learning are increasing. Most popular OER must be OCW, which has been proposed and promoted by MIT since 2001. In Japan OCW has been penetrating gradually since 2005. However in terms of formal learning utilization ICT technology has not been so popular yet in Japanese higher education field. In this paper two case studies, one is formal e-Learning using OCW, and the other is portal site of open contents from universities are described
Language: English
Appears in Collections:Open Ed Conference 2010 (Barcelona, 2-4 November 2010)

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