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Title: Digital competence training proposals in the UOC context: A transforming vision
Author: Guitert Catasús, Montse  
Romeu Fontanillas, Teresa  
Romero Carbonell, Marc  
Keywords: digital competences
digital literacy
Issue Date: 20-Jan-2015
Publisher: eLearning Papers
Citation: Guitert Catasús, M.; Romeu Fontanillas, T.; Romero Carbonell, M. (2015)"Digital competence training proposals in the UOC context: A transforming vision". eLearning Papers. ISSN 1887-1542
Abstract: Digital competence has become a key concept in the Knowledge society and it is a more complex concept than just the use of ICT since it includes methodologies and attitudes and must be related to new literacies. Because of the evolution of the Internet, the concept of user has drastically changed. Nowadays, users are not only receivers of information but they can generate their own Knowledge. Being aware of that, the Digital Literacy Area of the UOC has developed training proposals keeping in mind digital competence and which are analysed in-depth in this paper (basing on their content analysis and on a students' survey in one of them). These proposals have been designed taking into account Martin&Grudziecki's three levels of digital literacy. In fact, training in digital competences is understood as a methodological training that provides students those necessary attitudes to promote the conscious and critical use of digital technologies for professional and academic purposes, and all of that respecting the principles of ethical responsibility during the search, elaboration, presentation and dissemination of information. This collaborative methodological training is conducted as a means to allow the adaptation of individuals to social changes and thus transforming the way they learn and, consequently, their profession.
Description: Peer-reviewed
Language: English
ISSN: 1887-1542MIAR
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