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Title: PERSONAL(ONTO) : Personalizing the Learning Process in Virtual Environments by means of Adaptive Formative Itineraries based on Reusable Learning Objects and Ontologies TIN2006-15107-C02
Author: Minguillón Alfonso, Julià  
Sicilia Urbán, Miguel Ángel
Keywords: e-learning
virtual learning environments
learning object repositories
Issue Date: Feb-2009
Abstract: Personalization in e-learning allows the adaptation of contents, learning strategies and educational resources to the competencies, previous knowledge or preferences of the student. This project takes a multidisciplinary perspective for devising standards-based personalization capabilities into virtual e-learning environments, focusing on the concept of adaptive learning itinerary, using reusable learning objects as the basis of the system and using ontologies and semantic web technologies.
Language: English
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