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Title: Diseño e implementación de una aplicación web para la gestión de anillamiento de aves
Author: Pérez Alfonso, Manuel
Director: Schvarstein Liuboschetz, Sergio
Tutor: García Solórzano, David  
Porta Simó, Laura  
Others: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Keywords: Aplicación web, gestión, anillamiento, aves, ornitología, móviles
Issue Date: 12-Jun-2017
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Abstract: This project aims to be a first approach to a bird ringing web application used by professional banders. Although unfinished, the developed web application contains all the major elements that a final version would have, and focuses especially on the the back-end and front-end integration of certain core areas, which could potentially be used in future projects. It is, in other words, an integration exercise of different technologies, Django (back-end) and Angular 4 (front-end), in such a way that the implemented web services could be used by potential mobile applications in different mobile platforms. Also, this project implies a great effort in terms of the deployment of the different system elements, including all security measures to implement the CORS restriction, or even the correct encryption of the data exchanged between the different parties, among other tasks. The development process highlights the complexity of the system behind the front-end element (which is the only visible element from a user's perspective), taking as a start point a high-level design of the application using mock-ups, defining and implementing the back-end functionalities and web services as a second step, and finally implementing the front-end elements which will interact with the user and the back-end.
Language: Spanish
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