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Title: ¿Es eficaz especializar la actividad de tutoria? Análisis de una experiencia online
Authors: Ruiz Dotras, Elisabet
Martínez Argüelles, M.Jesús
Rimbau Gilabert, Eva
Keywords: organizational structure
academic advising
student retention
Issue Date: 2-Jul-2010
Type: Part or chapter of book
Citation: Ruiz, E.; Rimbau, E.; Martínez, M. (2010). "¿Es eficaz especializar la actividad de tutoría? Análisis de una experiencia online". A: New areas of quality in higher education. A comparative and trend analysis.
Abstract: In an online environment, the activity of academic advising for students plays a crucial. Its backbone is to accompany students throughout the programme, from the moment they show some interest in enrolling in the program until they receive their diploma. Literature on how to organize the advisorial activity in online environments is scarce. This paper, based on the experience of the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), analyzes two levels of specialization in online advisorial action. At a first organizational level, we describe and assess a specialization in the coordination of advisors, depending on the type of knowledge needed, which may be academic or administrative. This results in a matrix organizational structure that provides flexibility and specialized knowledge to the advisorial activity, and that is very positively assessed by the involved groups. At a second level, we analyze the distinction of two kinds of specialized advisors, beginnings and continuation advisors, based on the time a student has been enrolled in the university. The results of qualitative and quantitative studies do not allow to conclude that this second form of specialization clearly contributes to the improvement of the advisorial function goals
Language: Spanish
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