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Title: Estructura de los mercados turísticos, setiembre 2010
Authors: Garay Tamajón, Lluís
Oller i Nogués, Jordi
Keywords: tourism market
tourist economy
tourism market
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2010
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Abstract: This course offers basic concepts that should allow students to be fully introduced in the field of knowledge of tourism economy and bring the study of tourism from understanding the operation of their markets and decisions taken by economic agents. In our country, Spain, which is eminently tourism-focused has an undeniable interest the observation of how these markets work, studying in detail the structure of either the so-called general markets and the special tourism markets, and their relationships and divergences. The course provides further analysis of the influence of the progressive emergence of the Knowledge Society, the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) or the globalization phenomenon in the past, present and future in shaping the structure of these markets and their future expectations.
Language: Spanish
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Estructura de los mercados turísticos_Portada.pdfPortada309.21 kBAdobe PDFPreview  Download
Estructura de los mercados turísticos_Módulo1_Los turistólogos y el turismo.pdfMódulo 110.21 MBAdobe PDFPreview  Download
Estructura de los mercados turísticos_Módulo2_Caracterización del sistema turístico.pdfMódulo 225.14 MBAdobe PDFPreview  Download
Estructura de los mercados turísticos_Módulo3_Los antecedentes y determinantes del turismo.pdfMódulo 368.03 MBAdobe PDFPreview  Download
Estructura de los mercados turísticos_Módulo4_La estructura del turismo genérico.pdfMódulo 491.04 MBAdobe PDFPreview  Download
Estructura de los mercados turísticos_Módulo5_La estructura del turismo especializado.pdfMódulo 575.04 MBAdobe PDFPreview  Download
Estructura de los mercados turísticos_Módulo6_La transformación del sistema turístico.pdfMódulo 611.82 MBAdobe PDFPreview  Download

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