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Title: Identitat, mitjans de comunicació i testimonis, setembre 2010
Authors: Aira Foix, Toni
Other: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Keywords: mass media
Issue Date: Sep-2010
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Abstract: As journalist Ryszard Kapuscinski wrote: "The media are said to be the fourth estate, but I would move them up in the ranking. We already know that their role in politics is increasingly important and that they have made rebels and insurgents of all kinds around the world change the targets for their attacks: they used to lay siege to presidential palaces, government headquarters and parliaments; whereas they now look first to take control of the radio and television stations. This can be no coincidence. In my book The Emperor I illustrated this phenomenon in the following lines: 'A new script has been written for films about coups d'etat: the tanks set off at dawn with the aim of occupying the television stations. While the president sleeps peacefully and the parliament remains dark and deserted, the rebels head for the place that holds the real power.' And I would stress the word 'real'. Real power. Power to build reality. To build identity -and national identity- through the testimony provided by the communication media."
Language: Catalan
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Identitat, mitjans de comunicació i testimonis_Mòdul1_Els efectes dels mitjans. Els mitjans de comunicació com a agents de poder.pdfMòdul 14.36 MBAdobe PDFPreview  Download
Identitat, mitjans de comunicació i testimonis_Mòdul2_Agenda-setting. La construcció mediàtica dels nostres mapes mentals.pdfMòdul 29.14 MBAdobe PDFPreview  Download
Identitat, mitjans de comunicació i testimonis_Mòdul 3_L'emmarcament de l'entorn nacional.pdfMòdul 32.46 MBAdobe PDFPreview  Download
Identitat, mitjans de comunicació i testimonis_Portada.pdfPortada94.28 kBAdobe PDFPreview  Download

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