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Title: La localización de la clase creativa en ciudades turísticas: un análisis a escala local del sistema urbano mediterráneo español
Author: González Reverté, Francesc  
Romero Padilla, Yolanda
Muro Morales, Ignacio
Navarro Jurado, Enrique
Gomis López, Joan Miquel  
Keywords: creative class
mature tourist destinations
coastal tourism
Mediterranean Spanish urban system
Issue Date: Jan-2016
Publisher: Investigaciones turísticas
Citation: González Reverté, F., Romero Padilla, Y., Muro Morales, I., Navarro Jurado, E. & Gomis López, J. (2016). "La localización de la clase creativa en ciudades turísticas: un análisis a escala local del sistema urbano mediterráneo español". Investigaciones turísticas, 11, pp. 1-29. ISSN 2174-5609. doi: 10.14198/INTURI2016.11.01
Abstract: The trend towards the concentration of economic and human flows in urban agglomerations has generated global attraction poles reducing development options in other territories. However, territorial reorganisation is becoming more complex and also affects the non-metropolitan territory. The introduction of creativity in urban economies is an example of the relative territorial dispersion of new productive activities. The localization of creative economic activities has been analysed for the case of medium-sized cities, urban peripheries and rural areas, but not for tourist cities. The objective of this study is to analyse -on a local level and based on the calculation of a synthetic index of creativity-the extent to which creative economic activities are present in Spain's Mediterranean tourist destinations and the Canary Islands compared to other cities and other tourist destinations depending on their specialisation. The results allow us to formulate hypotheses about how tourist areas contribute to the productive reorganisation of the territory and assess their chances of improving competitiveness based on tolerance, innovation and entrepreneurship, providing opportunities for alternative development in the current crisis.
Language: Spanish
ISSN: 2174-5609
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