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Title: Violence and Political Institutions in the Basque Country
Author: Padró-Solanet Grau, Albert  
Issue Date: 14-Apr-2011
Citation: Padró-Solanet, A (2011). "Violence and Political Institutions in the Basque Country". A:Joint Sessions of Workshops. European Consortium of Political Research. St. Gallen. 12 de abril.
Abstract: A credible analysis or proposal to solve the problem of the treatment of violence in divided societies has to based in a good understanding of the micro-foundations of the political mobilization in these societies. Much of the engineering models seem to have been based on rather strong simplifications of the electoral behaviour of the citizens. This paper aims to contribute to the understanding of the underlying political competition in divided societies with a neo-downsian model of party competition that is based on the interpretation of Tsebelis (1991) of the consociationalism.
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