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Title: Processos de turistificació i gentrificació a la ciutat de Barcelona. Anàlisi crític de discursos en mitjans de premsa escrita
Author: Milian Hita, Mario
Director: Vivas i Elias, Pep
Tutor: López Catalán, Óscar
Others: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Keywords: ideology
tourism phobia
digital media
Issue Date: Jan-2018
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Abstract: Based on the actions against the tourist model that members of the Arran youth organization carried out in Barcelona at the end of July 2017 and the way they were reported by different digital press media, I intend to analyze, using the tools that the critical analysis of the discourse puts at our disposal, the discursive strategies used by the dominant discourse to take control of the story and, through language, to create a social reality that influences public opinion and legitimates, at the same time as it naturalizes, a tourist and economic model that triggers tourism and gentrification processes in the city of Barcelona. Furthermore, among the analyzed articles, I have included a few showing how the non-dominant discourse looks to resist the concealment to which it is subjected and how it intends to acquire the capacity to exert certain power on the minds of readers This unequal struggle for the control of the narrative will result in the criminalization of those who protest against a tourist and economic model that expels neighbours from their neighbourhoods, destroys their social and commercial fabric and preys the labour market, in addition to naturalizing a neoliberal economic model that mercantilizes the city and the public spaces. However, more and more voices are rising against this narrative and its consequences and, thanks to the emergence of more or less independent digital media and objectives, this discourse opens up in the minds of readers and creates a more critical and resistant alternative reality in front of the dominant discourse. This work is born as a contribution to this resistance, providing tools and knowledge that will allow the reader to understand and identify in what way the media influence the minds of people and how they exercise this power.
Language: Catalan
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