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Title: Implementación de un corpus comparable de español y japonés de acceso abierto para la traducción especializada
Author: Nakayama, Eriko
Tutor: Mesa Lao, Bartolomé
Others: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Keywords: technology and translation
technological innovation
specialized corpus
Issue Date: Feb-2018
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Abstract: Nowadays online bilingual tools such as dictionaries, databases, corpora or glossaries are very common and helpful items for translation. However, in the case of Spanish - Japanese translation, there is almost none of them. In order to resolve problems caused by this lack of resource, this study develops an open access bilingual specialized corpus in Spanish and Japanese. At first the typology and the usability of corpora are revised and it is determined that a comparable corpus is the most suitable in the actual context of Spanish and Japanese translation. Secondly, the basic criteria and requirements for the design of corpus are collected, and based on it, the corpus is designed and texts are selected to be standardized and stored. As a result, a specialized comparable corpus in the field of technology innovation is created, in which 18,929 characters in Japanese and 9,093 words in Spanish are included. At the same time, 102 terms in Japanese and 90 terms in Spanish are extracted from the corpus and registered in a bilingual glossary. These terms represent more than 25 % of the entire terms. Furthermore, some frases occur in the very similar contexts, therefore, they present high equivalency. According to the quantitative and cualitative analysis, the corpus is considered to have a sufficiente quality, and the objective of the study is completed.
Language: Spanish
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