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Title: Le maintien de la paix : une perspective civile?
Author: Tshiband, Stean
Keywords: maintien de la paix;civils;consolidation de la paix;imposition de la paix;ONU;organisations régionales;résolution de conflits;intervention de tiers;peacekeeping;civilian;peacebuilding;peace enforcement;UN;regional organizations;conflict resolution;third-party intervention;manteniment de la pau;civils;consolidació de la pau;imposició de la pau;ONU;organitzacions regionals;resolució de conflictes;intervenció de tercers;mantenimiento de la paz;civiles;consolidación de la paz;imposición de la paz;ONU;organizaciones regionales;resolución de conflictos;intervención de terceros
Issue Date: 24-Nov-2010
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Citation: Tshiband, Stean (2010). "Le maintien de la paix : une perspective civile?". Journal of conflictology, 2010, Vol. 1, num 2
Abstract: How effective are peacekeeping operations in preventing and stopping violence? Is there an alternative to UN and regional peacekeeping operations? Would civilian unarmed peace operations be the best alternative? These and similar questions are fed into the ongoing debate on peace operations and the possibility of civilian alternatives to current peace operations. This article presents an analysis of the development of civilian peacekeeping, its relevance in the field of conflict resolution and its autonomy from multidimensional peacekeeping, championed by the UN and regional organizations. Written by a scholar of Peace and Conflict Research with practical experience in both UN Peacekeeping Operations and ¿civilian peacekeeping¿ missions, it gives practical and theoretical insights into traditional, multidimensional and civilian peacekeeping.
Description: Peer reviewed
Language: English
ISSN: 2013-8857
Appears in Collections:2010, vol. 1, n. 2

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