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Title: What should a virtual University Library environment look like?
Author: Duran-Albareda, Xavier
Others: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Biblioteca
Keywords: library
Issue Date: 27-May-2011
Publisher: ELAG 2011
Citation: Duran-Albareda, Xavier (2011). "What should a virtual University Library environment look". In: European Library Automation Group Conference ELAG (2011: Prague). <>
Abstract: Over the past year, the Open University of Catalonia library has been designing its new website with this question in mind. Our main concern has been how to integrate the library in the student day to day study routine to not to be only a satellite tool. We present the design of the website that, in a virtual library like ours, it is not only a website but the whole library itself. The central point of the web is my library, a space that associates the library resources with the student's curriculum and their course subjects. There the students can save the resources as favourites, comment or share them. They have also access to all the services the library offers them. The resources are imported from multiple tools such as Millennium, SFX, Metalib and Dspace to the Drupal CMS. Then the resources' metadata can be enriched with other contextual information from other sources, for example the course subjects. And finally they can be exported in standard, open data formats making them available for linked data applications.
Language: English
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