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Title: Redes sociales y altmetrics: nuevos retos para las revistas científicas
Author: Ollé Castellà, Candela
López Borrull, Alexandre
Keywords: social networks
scientific journals
Issue Date: 2-Oct-2017
Publisher: Edicions Universitat de Barcelona
Published in: Ollé, M. C.;Lopez, A.. (2017). "Redes sociales y altmetrics: nuevos retos para las revistas científicas". A:Revistas científicas. Situación actual y retos de futuro.Barcelona: Edicions Universitat de Barcelona. Pág. 197 - 219. ISBN: 978-84-9168-004-8.
Abstract: Social networks have transformed the communication model and the way we relate, as well as the search, reception and sharing of information, mostly mediated by the Internet. Journals and researchers have generated their profiles in the networks, since they are currently the best tools to disseminate knowledge and build it collaboratively and represent a new space for horizontal relationships with the public. In addition, advertising and marketing are committed to social networks and new professions have been created that companies demand, such as community manager; the record manager and the social media planner.
Language: Spanish
Other Identifiers: 978-84-9168-004-8
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