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Title: Estructura de datos avanzadas : clases disjuntas, montículos, árboles de búsqueda
Authors: Bañolas Adrogué, Miguel Angel
Director: Franch Gutiérrez, Xavier
Other: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Issue Date: 16-Feb-2010
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Type: Bachelor Thesis
Abstract: The implementation in Java of the data structures begun by Esteve Mariné is expanded in this work, which uses his basic design. In concrete terms, the programming has been done for the structures of a) disjointed classes, using the algorithms of chained lists, and with the tree structure; b) stacks, with binary, binomial, and Fibonacci algorithms; and c) research trees based on the red-black binary tree algorithm, which complements the two already-existing ones with algorithms of chains and AVL. To examine the evolution of the structures, a user-interactive graphic visualizer has been prepared that allows the basic operations of the structure to be performed. With this environment it is possible to save the structures, produce them anew, undo them, and repeat the operations performed on the structure. Finally, it provides a methodology, with visualization by means of graphics, for the comparative evaluation of the implemented algorithms, which allows modification of the parameters of evaluation, such as the number of elements that must be dealt with, algorithms that have to be compared, and the number of repetitions. The data obtained can be exported for subsequent analysis.
Language: Spanish
Appears in Collections:Bachelor thesis, research projects, etc.

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