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dc.contributor.authorCaruso, Emily-
dc.contributor.authorSchunko, Christoph-
dc.contributor.authorCorbera Elizalde, Esteve-
dc.contributor.authorRuiz Mallen, Isabel-
dc.contributor.authorVogl, Christian R.-
dc.contributor.authorMartin, Gary-
dc.contributor.authorArrázola, Susana-
dc.contributor.authorBandeira, Fábio Pedro-
dc.contributor.authorCalvo Boyero, Diana-
dc.contributor.authorCamacho Benavides, Claudia-
dc.contributor.authorMota Cardoso, Thiago-
dc.contributor.authorChan Dzul, Albert-
dc.contributor.authorConde, Esther-
dc.contributor.authorCampo García, Carlos del-
dc.contributor.authorHuanca, Tomás-
dc.contributor.authorLaranjeiras Sampaio, José Augusto-
dc.contributor.authorOliveros Lopez, Sara-
dc.contributor.authorPorter Bolland, Luciana-
dc.contributor.authorRuiz Betancourt, Olga-
dc.contributor.otherUniversitat Oberta de Catalunya. Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3)-
dc.identifier.citationCaruso, E., Schunko, C., Corbera, E., Ruiz-Mallen, I., Vogl, C.R., Martin, G., Arrázola, S., Bandeira, P.F., Calvo-Boyero, D., Camacho Benavides, C., Cardoso, T.M., Chan-Dzul, A., Conde, E., del Campo García, C., Huanca, T., Laranjeiras Sampaio, J.A., Oliveros López, S., Porter-Bolland, L. & Ruiz Betancourt, O. (2016). Lessons for research policy and practice: the case of co-enquiry research with rural communities. Journal of Research Practice, 12(1).-
dc.description.abstractThis article explores the relationship between institutional funding for research and community-based or co-enquiry research practice. It examines the implementation of co-enquiry research in the COMBIOSERVE project, which was funded by the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme for research and innovation, between the years 2012 and 2015. Research partnerships between Latin American and European civil society organisations, research institutions, and Latin American rural communities are analysed. Challenges for effective collaboration in co-enquiry and lessons learned for research policy and practice are outlined. Based on our case study we suggest that: (1) the established values and practices of academia seem largely unfavourable towards alternative forms of research, such as co-enquiry; (2) the policies and administrative practices of this European Commission funding are unsuitable for adopting participatory forms of enquiry; and (3) the approach to research funding supports short engagements with communities whereas long-term collaborations are more desirable. Based on our case study, we propose more flexible funding models that support face-to-face meetings between researchers and communities from the time of proposal drafting, adaptation of research processes to local dynamics, adaptation of administrative processes to the capacities of all participants, and potential for long-term collaborations. Large-scale funding bodies such as European Commission research programmes are leaders in the evolution of research policy and practice. They have the power and the opportunity to publicly acknowledge the value of partnerships with civil society organisations and communities, actively support co-enquiry, and foment interest in innovative forms of research.en
dc.publisherJournal of Research Practice-
dc.relation.ispartofJournal of Research Practice, 2016, 12(1)-
dc.rightsCC BY-NC-ND-
dc.subjectEuropean Commissionen
dc.subjectcivil society organisationsen
dc.subjectLatin Americaen
dc.subjectparticipatory researchen
dc.subjectresearch fundingen
dc.subjectresearch partnershipen
dc.subjectresearch policyen
dc.subjectSeventh Framework Programmeen
dc.subjectComissió Europeaca
dc.subjectComisión Europeaes
dc.subjectorganitzacions de la societat civilca
dc.subjectorganizaciones de la sociedad civiles
dc.subjectconsulta cooperativaca
dc.subjectconsulta cooperativaes
dc.subjectAmèrica Llatinaca
dc.subjectAmérica Latinaes
dc.subjectinvestigació participativaca
dc.subjectinvestigación participativaes
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dc.subjectpolítica de investigaciónes
dc.subjectSéptimo Programa Marcoes
dc.subjectSetè Programa Marcca
dc.subject.lcshResearch -- European Union countriesen
dc.titleLessons for research policy and practice: The case of co-enquiry research with rural communitiesen
dc.audience.mediatorTheme areas::Computer Science, Technology and Multimediaen
dc.subject.lemacInvestigació -- Unió Europea, Països de laca
dc.subject.lcshesInvestigación -- Unión Europea, Países de laes
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