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Title: Análisis de una plataforma de captura de evidencias electrónicas online
Author: Hervás Rosa, Eduardo
Director: García Font, Víctor
Tutor: Canto Rodrigo, Pau del
Others: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Keywords: digital evidence
evidence captures
Issue Date: 4-Jun-2018
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Abstract: The objective of this TFM is to carry out a technical and legal analysis of a platform for the capture of digital evidence. On a daily basis, proof in digital format is presented to judges around the world, many of which end up being challenged, since they cannot guarantee their authenticity and integrity. Hence comes the importance of capturing digital evidence, using third-party tools, such as the platform presented in this study. This platform has as its objective to certify the content of a web page, a webbrowsing session or a file at the certain instant that the user makes use of this certification service. We understand as a certification the generation of a report that contains the evidence that prove the existence and the content of the object to be certified. There are two fundamental pillars that support this TFM: on the one hand, the legal and on the other hand the technical. Both pillars combined aim to the objective that the reports (commercially certificates) generated by this platform are admitted as proof in a judicial process with a high evidential value, thus avoiding their dismissal. This platform is born with a clear objective: to facilitate a tool with which to test cases of cyber-bullying on the Internet and thus give an end to the impunity that the aggressors act with, often emboldened by the apparent anonymity that the network is giving to them. Nevertheless, there are almost infinite reasons that can make a user want to certify any content in digital format.
Language: Spanish
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