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Title: Implantación de una Plataforma GNU/Linux en la gestión del hogar digital focalizada a la domótica,multimedia-ocio y las TICs.
Author: Zálvez Rico, Juan Pedro
Director: Senar Rosell, Miquel Àngel
Keywords: Domótica
hogar digital
Issue Date: 29-Jun-2011
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Abstract: In the near future, access to data and home automation systems in the home supported by the implementation of GNU-Linux operating systems in our homes, a reality of the first order for the implementation of real homes and automated digital awarding a cost reduction by the intensive use of the resources provided directly by the Open Software Community. The future possibilities seem almost endless: telecommuting, centralized household accounts, software distributed online training for young people in the house, multimedia at all levels, design and artistic creation (particularly through electronic digital displays are spreading rapidly in our homes), targeted towards home automation automated digital, integrated control of home security, digital entertainment ... and with free applications at no additional cost that can be easily downloaded from the usual repositories, ensuring the online update of these tools. In short, new ways of understanding in the home automation, telecommuting and digital entertainment within the broader framework of our Information Society.
Language: Spanish
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