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Title: Diversidad de genes bacterianos relacionados con mecanismos de biocontrol en la rizosfera
Author: Zafón Chuliá, Elena
Director: Pizarro Tobías, Paloma
Tutor: Merino Arranz, David
Others: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Keywords: phylogenetic analysis
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Abstract: In the area of the rhizosphere we can isolate a large number of microorganisms that maintain different relationships with the plants they colonize. These can act as pathogens, as agents that promote vegetative growth and, even, as biocontrol agents. The TFM will focus on rhizobacteria that are able to control and interfere with the colonization of the plant through different mechanisms, in order to gain access to resources and space. Some of the molecular weapons used for this are, for example, antibiotics, siderophores, bacteriocins, enzymes, volatile organic compounds, formation of biofilms, etc. In this work, we will select representative genes of each mode of action, as well as representative bacterial genera of those described as biocontrol agents against phytopathogens, in order to perform a comparative sequence analysis and a phylogenetic analysis. This is intended to characterize this behavior, as well as the phylogenetic relationships between these bacteria in order to obtain biocontrol agents that replace the pesticide and pesticide contaminants that are currently used, thus finding eco-friendly solutions and favoring sustainable agriculture. As results, two genes were obtained, the chitinase gene and the ACC deaminase gene, which are potential candidates to characterize the bacteria described as biocontrol agents against phytopathogens.
Language: Spanish
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