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Title: Elucidating the regulation of the Yeast Metabolic Cycle through the integration of gene expression and chromatin status
Author: Sánchez Gaya, Víctor
Director: Morán Moreno, José Antonio
Tutor: Tarazona Campos, Sonia
Others: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Keywords: RNA-seq
omics data
Issue Date: 5-Jun-2018
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Abstract: The Yeast Metabolic Cycle (YMC) has become a model to study how changes in the metabolic landscape can affect the chromatin status to regulate gene expression. Previous studies have shown how the YMC is divided in three main phases and have described the effect of certain histone modifications in gene regulation. This project constitutes a novel application of different statistical methodologies for the integration of chromatin status data (ChIP-Seq) and gene expression data (RNA-Seq) to better understand the YMC. The usage of regression models (N-PLS and MORE methodologies) for the omics integration allowed us for assessing the relevance of histone modifications and transcription factors on the regulation of gene expression changes in the YMC. H3K18ac and H3K9ac turned out to be the most important of the studied histone modifications, whereas YLR403W, YPL254W, YOR363C, YGL209W and YDR451C emerged as the most relevant transcription factors. A significant association of co-regulation of gene expression was found between H3K18ac and the transcription factors YPL254W (involved in the formation of the SAGA complex) and YLR403W (involved in the process of histones exchange), which evinced the crucial role of the acetylation levels to regulate gene expression in the YMC through a coordinated action of transcription factors and histone modification levels. Thus, in this study, new connections were established between metabolome, chromatin status and gene expression, as well as the basis to identify potential regulators of hidden regulatory mechanisms that connect histone modifications and gene expression changes.
Language: English
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