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Title: Alteraciones en la expresión de genes en cáncer de próstata
Author: Hernández Viedma, Gonzalo
Director: Morán Moreno, José Antonio
Tutor: Bassaganyas Bars, Laia
Keywords: prostate cancer
gene expression
Issue Date: 4-Jun-2018
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
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Abstract: Prostate cancer is a complex disease that represents the most frequent neoplasia in men. There are treatments that seek to inhibit the signaling pathway initiated by the androgen receptor (upon which normal and tumoral prostate cells rely to proliferate) that have a very high response in patients. Unfortunately, for this androgen-deprivation therapy (ADT), the tumor develops a resistance, either by mutating the androgen receptor (to keep it active even in the absence of androgen) or by mutating other parts of the pathway in order to survive. Identifying the changes in gene expression that takes places as the normal prostate tissue evolves into a primary tumor and finally generates a metastasis is crucial for identifying the pathways that become altered during these changes. Potentially leading to the development of therapies aimed at undoing these changes. The objective of this work is, through the use of public data, to determine the expression changes in the different stages and trying to identify the leading causes of this changes (abnormal methylation status, copy-number variations¿) The main alterations observed are related to desregulations of pathways involved in control of transcription and formation of cell-to-cell interactions.
Language: Spanish
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