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Title: Salvar els mots d'una llengua. L'aportació de Joana Raspall a la lexicografia catalana
Author: Sans Mestre, Cristina
Tutor: Climent Martínez, Josep Daniel
Keywords: homonyms
Joana Raspall
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Joana Raspall (1913-2013) has become a relevant figure in Catalan culture. It stands out for its important poetic work for both children and adults, which has been widely studied, especially as a result of the commemoration of the centenary of its birth in 2013. But it is no less interesting its linguistic contribution, specifically the lexicographical, which is addressed in this work. Raspall published three dictionaries between the seventies and nineties, which have been little studied and which in this paper we contextualize and describe to lay the foundations for later studies on the linguistic and lexicographical work of Cepillo. The dictionaries we study are the 'Practical dictionary of Catalan synonyms' (Ed. Arimany, 1972), 'Dictionary of locutions and phrases made' (Ediciones 62, 1984) and the 'Dictionary of homonyms and paronyms' (Ed. Barcanova, 1988 ), all written in collaboration with other authors (Jaume Riera, the first and Joan Martí and Castillo the other two). It is the will of this work, also, to determine what has been the contribution of each author and, finally, to claim the linguistic task of Raspall, the result of a rich cultural baggage and caused by very specific historical circumstances.
Language: Catalan
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