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Title: Los diferentes modelos de participación local en los nuevos estatutos de autonomía
Author: Font Llovet, Tomàs
Vilalta Reixach, Marc  
Others: Universitat de Barcelona
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Keywords: Spanish regional charters
local government
local autonomy
interadministrative relations
Issue Date: Apr-2009
Publisher: Revista d'estudis autonòmics i federals
Citation: Font Llovet, T. & Vilalta Reixach, M. (2009). Los diferentes modelos de participación local en los nuevos estatutos de autonomía. Revista d'estudis autonòmics i federals, (8), 192-225.
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Abstract: This study examines the different models for local participation in the regional regulatory procedures established for the current process of regional charter reforms. Working from the traditional view that our legal system does not sufficiently protect the constitutionally recognized right to local autonomy, the new regional charters have introduced a series of precautions and mechanisms aimed at strengthening, overall, the system of local government and administration, including the creation of specific local representative bodies with primarily consultative roles to play in the regional regulatory procedure. Nonetheless, the markedly heterogeneous configuration of these new local bodies for participation in the various charter texts, as well as the need to clarify some of the more relevant aspects of their exact legal status, justify the objective of this study, whose main focus is on determining the duties and composition of these bodies, and identifying the legal repercussions of their activities.
Language: Spanish
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