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Title: Desmovilizados de GAOML en procesos idseicos con Jardines Botánicos de Colombia. Grupos Armados Organizados al Margen de la Ley (GAOML) en los albores del tercer milenio
Author: Contreras Sanchez, Alex Enrique
Director: Martin Lopez, Miguel Angel
Tutor: Sánchez Sánchez, Víctor M.
Keywords: botanical garden
armed conflict
armed groups
Issue Date: Sep-2018
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: In the last two decades (2000-2018), Colombia has experienced its most important demobilization processes in recent times, due to the disbanding of Armed Groups Organized to the Margin of the Law (GAOML acronym in Spanish), both from the right and from the left, without minimizing the importance of the peace processes at the end of the last millennium, i.e. the 1990s, which saw the highest demobilization of GAOML in the history of Colombia. Given these facts, here we describe the current process of reintegration of GAOML, a historical analysis of the processes carried out by the demobilized at the national level, which we will call the "idseicos" processes, and in particular the process carried out by the Botanical Garden of Cali (JBC acronym in Spanish), which will be presented as a Case Study, to engender the weight and impact of three years' experience in favor of this issue at the national level. Here we analyze the voluntary inscription of the demobilized in the Colombian Reintegration Agency (ACR acronym in Spanish), currently called the Agency for Reincorporation and Standardization (ARN acronym in Spanish), taking into account the importance that has been generated by the link between public and private institutions in these procedures. To this end, a sampling has been made of the Botanical Gardens (JJBB acronym in Spanish) that have carried out these processes and we have interviewed the directors, coordinators, officials of public entities such as ACR / ARN; the Ministry of Peace and Culture of the Mayor's Office of Cali; researchers from universities in Santiago de Cali and, finally, the people in the process of reincorporation (PPR acronym in Spanish) in the JBC.
Language: Spanish
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