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Title: Curriculum de estándares web Opera
Authors: Buchanan, Ben
Francis, Marc Norman
Goin, Linda
Haine, Paul
Hanen, Jenifer
Hawkes-Lewis, Benjamin
Henick, Ben
Heilmann, Christian
Hughes-Croucher, Tom
Johansson, Roger
Lane, Jonathan
Mills, Chris
Olsson, Tommy
Sullivan, Nicole
Other: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Keywords: Opera
web standards
Issue Date: 14-May-2010
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Type: Other
Series/Report no.: Mosaic
Abstract: This resource presents a course on web standards designed to give everyone a good foundation in design/web development. Web standards allow for interoperability between all web browsers on all operating systems and even in every electronic device available. The use of web standards has several advantages, such as code efficiency, ease of maintenance, accessibility and device compatibility. However, despite these advantages, most sites do not follow web standards and now many website developers still use outdated and incorrect practices. Aside from having the satisfaction of a job well done, the development of web standards is completely logical. The arguments against the development standards are related to investing too much time and to the hard work to make a design suitable for different browsers.
Language: Spanish
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