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Title: El impacto de los desastres naturales sobre los derechos humanos: Un análisis del caso del terremoto de Ecuador de 2016
Author: Martínez Llabata, Pedro
Tutor: Salamanca Aguado, María Esther
Keywords: disaster law
human rights
natural disasters
Issue Date: Sep-2018
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The present work addresses the relationship between natural disasters and human rights based on a practical case, the 2016 earthquake in Ecuador. It first approaches the main concepts of disaster risk management, in order to explain the undeniable link between human activities and pre-existing conditions with the impact generated by a natural phenomenon. Thus, it argues that there are certain dimensions that determine the vulnerability of human groups and delves into the three that are considered most important: gender, age and poverty. The protection of particularly vulnerable groups inevitably involves the integration of a human rights approach into normative instruments on disaster matters. After analyzing in detail the dispersed and chaotic international law related to disasters, this article defends the need to build a binding and bold international instrument that adequately integrates a human rights approach and is able to stand up as the umbrella under which States can build their internal laws. After this theoretical analysis, it delves into the Ecuadorian earthquake's impacts on the human rights of the affected inhabitants and it identifies -through the few reports and interviews with affected people, State officials and humanitarian workers-, various human rights violations committed in the context of the earthquake. It concludes by pointing out some of the possible measures to be implemented in order to improve the pre-existing conditions that, in our opinion, are what determined the disaster.
Language: Spanish
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