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Title: Les significations du silence pendant le conflit
Author: Gendron, Renée
Keywords: silenci;conflicte;mediació;intel·ligència emocional;silencio;conflicto;mediación;inteligencia emocional;silence;conflit;médiation;intelligence émotionnelle
Issue Date: 27-May-2011
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Citation: Gendron, Renée (2011). "Les significations du silence pendant le conflit". Journal of conflictology, 2011, Vol. 2, num 1
Abstract: This article focuses on the types and meanings of silence experienced during conflict. Silence is a form of communication that is cultural and context specific. Certain types of silence are constructive whilst other forms of silence can cause severe harm. This article explores the different types of silence experienced during a conflict. More specifically, this article examines the impacts of different types of silence on the mediation process.
Description: Peer reviewed
Language: English
ISSN: 2013-8857
Appears in Collections:2011, vol. 2, n. 1

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