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Title: Plataforma robótica experimental
Author: Barea Lozano, Juan
Director: Tuset Peiró, Pere  
Tutor: Morell Pérez, Antoni
Keywords: robots
Issue Date: 8-Jan-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The objective of the present project is the development of a mobile robotic platform that can be remotely addressed through an Android application, using a smartphone or tablet. The robot will also be provided with other features such as a system to avoid collisions with obstacles, connect the power of an IP camera and other secondary applications. The project includes everything related to the necessary hardware to design and build a prototype where to test all the software that has to be developed to control the robot. To achieve this, a chassis has been fitted with three motors where all the sensors, actuators and other elements necessary to build the prototype have been assembled. Two microcontroller cards have been used, one as the main processing unit and the other to make remote control possible through its Wi-Fi module. For its part, the obstacle detection system has been implemented with several infrared sensors and a laser sensor to adapt the speed of the vehicle automatically. The construction of the robot has been done by structuring it in different modules, implementing hardware and software simultaneously and incorporating them to the set as the tasks were being finalized. Being a prototype, it can be used in different functions, either as a base platform to build a cleaning robot or to develop surveillance functions and, also, to serve as a means of learning and initiation to all those who have an interest in the design and construction of mobile robots.
Language: Spanish
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