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Title: Desenvolupament d'una aplicació mòbil per reportar desperfectes urbans. Reporting App (Demo)
Author: Álvarez Araujo, Manuel Antonio
Director: Clarisó Viladrosa, Robert  
Tutor: Ceballos Villach, Jordi
Almirall López, Jordi
Keywords: Android
mobile applications
Issue Date: 9-Jan-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Nowadays, we have a multitude of applications to comment about anything with the whole world, such as social networks that move even the political world, but for specific and local issues, there aren¿t specific applications, that's why it seems to us that would be interesting to make an application to report urban flaws easily for any citizen, that way we give a specific/little tool to the citizens, for them to be able to present these problems to the city council directly. The objective of the project is to make an application with the basic functionalities and be an open-source project, in a way that it will not be focused on any city or town but will serve as a template/framework for any developer who wishes to use it. The methodology used in this project has been based on the User Centered Design (DCU), in this model we try, from the beginning, to create the application considering the users¿ needs. For technical development, React Native was first chosen, but later we changed to Android Studio (Native Programming) and Firebase for backend and database management. Finally, due to problems with the timeline and a bad choice of the initial software, the project's goal wasn¿t completed, and we only reached 70% of it, but this has also helped us evaluate all the management effort and planning behind any project, and will help us to learn from the mistakes and choices taken, making us improve on our next project.
Language: Catalan
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