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Title: Z2Z4-Additive Perdect Codes in Steganography
Author: Rifà Pous, Helena  
Ronquillo, Lorena
Rifà Coma, Josep
Keywords: Stegranography
data hiding
Issue Date: 1-Aug-2011
Citation: Rifà, H.;Rifà, J.; Ronquillo, L.(2011). "Z2Z4-Additive Perdect Codes in Steganography". ADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS OF COMMUNICATIONS, 3(5), p.(425-433).
Abstract: Steganography is an information hiding application which aims to hide secret data imperceptibly into a cover object. In this paper, we describe a novel coding method based on Z2Z4-additive codes in which data is embedded by distorting each cover symbol by one unit at most (+-1-steganography). This method is optimal and solves the problem encountered by the most e cient methods known today, concerning the treatment of boundary values. The performance of this new technique is compared with that of the mentioned methods and with the well-known rate-distortion upper bound to conclude that a higher payload can be obtained for a given distortion by using the proposed method.
Language: English
ISSN: 1930-5346
Other Identifiers: 1930-5346
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