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Title: An Interdomain PKI Model Based on Trust Lists
Author: Rifà Pous, Helena  
Herrera Joancomartí, Jordi
Keywords: trust lists
reliability in PKI
certificate extension
listas de confianza
Issue Date: 14-Aug-2007
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Rifà, H.;Herrera, J. (2007). "Public Key Infrastructure". A: An Interdomain PKI Model Based on Trust Lists.Heidelberg.Springer. Pág. 49 - 64. ISBN: 978-3-540-73407-9.
Abstract: The penetration of PKI technology in the market is moving slowly due to interoperability concerns. Main causes are not technical but political and social since there is no trust development model that appropriately deals with multidomain PKIs. We propose a new architecture that on one hand considers that trust is not an homogeneous property but tied to a particular relation, and on the other hand, trust management must be performed through specialized entities that can evaluate its risks and threads. The model is based on trust certificate lists that allows users to hold a personalized trust view without having to get involved in technical details. The model dynamically adapts to the context changes thanks to a new certificate extension, we have called TrustProviderLink (TPL).
Language: English
Other Identifiers: 978-3-540-73407-9
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