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Title: Hacia una nueva identificación electrónica del ciudadano: el DNI-e
Author: Crespo Sánchez, Javier
Espinosa García, Javier
Hernández Encinas, Luis
Rifà Pous, Helena  
Torres Hernández, Manuel
Keywords: electronic ID
authentication of citizens
digital certificates
public key cryptography
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2006
Publisher: DEIC UAB - EIMT UOC
Citation: Rifà, H.;Crespo, J.; Espinosa, J.; Hernández, L.; Torres, M.(2006). "Actas de la IX Reunión Española sobre Criptología y Seguridad de la Información ". A: Borrell, J.; Herrera, J. Actas de la IX Reunión Española sobre Criptología y Seguridad de la Información. BARCELONA.DEIC UAB - EIMT UOC. Pág. 660 - 673. ISBN: ISBN-84-9788-502-3.
Abstract: The electronic National Identity Document (DNI-e) aims to provide a mechanism for identifying the Spanish citizen, allow electronic signature of documents and enhance the confidence of the Spanish in the Information Society. The main features of the DNI-e are presented in this paper, from the point of view of its hardware (chip card), and from the logical point of view (digital certificates, electronic signatures, passwords, etc.). Special emphasis will be done on public key infrastructure (PKI) which supports its development and future use.
Language: Spanish
Other Identifiers: ISBN-84-9788-502-3
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