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Title: Estado de la criptografía post-cuántica y simulaciones de algoritmos post-cuánticos
Author: Reyes Rosado, Álvaro Rodrigo
Director: Rifà Coma, Josep
Tutor: Rifà Pous, Helena  
Keywords: cryptography
Issue Date: Dec-2018
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Since the idea of using quantum computers appeared to solve complex mathematical problems that could not be solved in polynomial time by classical computers, it started a race in which two teams are competing: those that will develop the first general-purpose quantum computer and those that will discover how to resist the malicious use of these new computers. Post-quantum cryptography tries to impose itself on this situation by investigating new algorithms that replace current public-key algorithms such as RSA, giving rise to systems resistant to both classical and quantum algorithms before the threat of a quantum computer can end, between other dangers and in particular, with security and privacy in communications over the Internet. The current state of research in this field is reflected in this project: cryptographic algorithms based on problems that can not be solved by quantum computers, developments and patents, current and future applications, etc. leaving the reader an optimal source of resources for his initiation into post-quantum cryptography.
Language: Spanish
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